Home Grading & Branding Tender-Scope

An instrument that is easy to carry, install and manipulate, which provides a greater magnification and a light source. Tender Scope is small, light, easy to carry and to install microscope working on rechargeable batteries, which will help you to make the right decision on site!

Salient Features

Optical data

Standard set complies

  • 45° inclined binocular stereo body
  • WF 10x eyepiece, pair - Turret objective 1x 3x
  • Eyecup, pair - Dust cover
  • Very handy aluminum travel case

Weight only 2 kg.
Dimension 12 x 23 x 32 cm
Body 45° inclined binocular stereo body with 360° rotation
zoom 2 positions, 10x and 30x

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